Once Upon A Time...

There was a (writer) bartender who was losing dinner business to a new BYOB restaurant that opened next door. She sold beer and wine to go, yet to her distress, nobody ever came to purchase it.  With no fairy god mother in sight, she made a sign to advertise their to-go offerings.

When the clock struck 5, her bar was filled with patrons having a cocktail and appetizer before their reservation next door, brown-bagged 6 pack and bottles of Pinot in hand.  


So she moved to Philadelphia and got her Bachelor's degree in Advertising from  Temple University. 



I'm a Philly livin', Dad joke crackin',

sunflower pickin', cocktail pourin',

closet poetry scribblin', 

punk rock music jammin', 

girl who's got a world of words to share. 

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"Thinking it over

and under."

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